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How is your child's progress assessed?

Each National Curriculum subject has it's own set of challenging targets which cover a series of steps, or levels, on a common national scale.

This scale, graded from levels 1 to 8, shows how the subjects become more difficult as children get older, and provides clear goals to aim for.  It enables teachers to plan lessons according to age and ability, and helps to measure progress.

At Ysgol Gymraeg Bro Morgannwg every teacher will provide an assessment of pupils' class/course work three times a year which will include the summer examinations.

These assessments will be presented to you in the form of an interim report.

The levels presented at the end of each assessment do not mean necessarily that this will be the standard of the work at the end of the Key Stage, but rather they provide milestones for you in relation to the development of your son/daughter's work over the three years. You will also receive once a year a full report which will include comments by the subject teachers.

In the reports you will be informed about the realistic and challenging targets set for your child. These targets may change as the standard of work develops, but they do offer you an opportunity to measure the performance of your child against his or her potential.